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Ty'Khonn Empire By Joseph Gilbert Thompson and Carl Edward Thompson

Ty'Khonn Empire By Joseph Gilbert Thompson and Carl Edward Thompson

Ty'Khonnean -means Tyrant King or Tyrann Prince,in ancient Atlantean.

Ty'Khon -The Tykhon Empire ancient colony of Atlantean,who created a miltaristic Empire,that lasted for centuries,until it was weaken by a Great Civil War by the Southern Osirhons.They have partial blood of the Tauron and Osiron ancestry.The Osirhonns or Osirons are an ancient dark or dusky skinned Atlantean,who inhabitted the upper middle Eastern region of the Camearian Dark Contiment,of the ancient Atlantean Homeworld.The Osirons invented hieroglyphs or Hyroglyphic writting,often later used as Atlantean Mystic Runes and first created the concept of the Osiron Pyramide,Osiron Sarcophagus and glove like hand weapons,based loosely on Galaxian technology and Seraphian technology.

Star Gate or Jumpgate-are huge or small interstellar stellar gates,that connect to wormhole mouths together,by way of a subspace or temporal sub space tunnel system.These Atlanteans built a system of stargate or wormhole tunnels,with the help of many other Elder Races,mostly the Sidairians or Osirons millions of years ago being ?the most advanced race of the Maveric universe,help seed many other lesser worlds the primary star stuff to create:life among this so called New Universe. ?

Sarcophagus – A coffin-like chamber capable of vastly extending life, healing almost any illness, repairing grievous injuries, and even reviving the recently dead.It is linked to similar technology like the Guider Gem and Greimiere,that can be accessed to holospace.

Ty'Khonnean Force Shield – A energy barrier, also called a force-field or simply a shield. Ty'Khonnean force shields work on a frequency oscillation principle, so a very fast-moving object can bypass it at the right moment. TyKhonn motherships are protected by force shields, as are some ground-based facilities. Force shields are also installed inside ships to restrict access to certain areas, and to contain hull breaches.Some powerful Ty'Khonnean are equipped with personal force shields activated with a button on their hand device. These shields react proportionally to the amount of kinetic energy of incoming matter, so they can be penetrated by relatively slow-moving objects such as a thrown knife.

Also known as an Osiron Cosmic , the Ty'Khonnean hand device is a metal, glove-like object with a large red gem set in the palm. It is the personal weapon of the Ty'Khonneanand requires vast amongs of cosmic force crystals in the staff handle and spear head to operate. They utilize a modified version of a staff weapon's power source channeled through amplification crystals, and are thought-controlled. The hand device can generate a shockwave that throws back anyone in its path with great force. The Osiron attribute the Ty'Khonnean ability to hurl people through the air as a sign of their divine power. The hand device can also generate an energy stream to a person's head that causes severe pain and eventual death.This function creates a mental link between Ty'Khonneanand victim, which may allow the Goa'uld host to send a message through. Hand devices can also be used to block other energy weapon blasts, and have buttons on the wrist for controlling Ty'Khonn technology.

Tykhonn Staff Weapon

Tykhonnean Cosmic Lances– The standard weapon used by the Ty'Khonnean army and the Ty'Khonnean navy, consisting of a metal quarterstaff with an almond-shaped head that splits open to fire a powerful energy blast. There is a counterbalancing club on the back end, allowing the weapon to be used in melee combat at close ranges. It is powered by liquid In skilled hands it can be quite effective, but it is less accurate and slower to fire than other lesser weapons-made firearms; describes it as a "weapon of terror" rather than of war. Heavier models of the weapon can be slung at the waist by a strap,or mounted on fixed or mobile platforms to act as artillery support.Ty'Khonneanships are equipped with large-scale versions of these weapons The Osirhann use a variant of the staff weapon with the back half removed, making it light and easier to carry. This gives the Sodan staff the advantage of being able to be used one-handed, and it allows the weapon to be slung over the back, although it removes the weapon's melee ability.
The Osirhonn Ring– A device shaped like an elaborate ring, worn by Ty'Khonnean assassins. It is both a weapon and a torture device, capable of inflicting incredible pain to it's victum.

Ty'Khonnean Starship – The Ty'Khonnean operate a variety of starships, including "pyramid ship", usually refers to a class of ship consisting of a superstructure with a large, golden slightly slanted tetrahedron at the center of the Tykhon version of an Atlantean star palace or Star Castle.These great motherships,The Tykhonean Star Castles are protected by powerful energy shields capable of repelling conventional, nuclear, and energy weapons, Horush bombers, and death glide fighters. The control systems Ty'Khonnean of ships are based on Seraphian crystals,a feature copied by the other star ship of the Elder Races of the Multiverse.

Since the collapse of the ancient Ty'Khonnean order,that split the kingdon into two halves-the Upper Empire of the Ty'Khoneans and the lower Empire of the Osirons,the once mighty T'Khon Empire was not as stronge as it once was in the ancient Golden Era of it's people

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