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The Kalladan Hierarchy and Kalladon Empire

The Kalladan Hierarchy and Kalladon Empire.

The Kalladon Empire. By Joseph Gilbert Thompson and Carl Edward Thompson

Kalladon-the word meaning guerilla or adventurer- first came from the Khaylarian Stepps that begin north of the Black sea and the Caucasus Mountians-bear a strong physical resemblance to Terran or Atlantean humans. The species also has a warrior elite known as the who were specially bred for generations and subsequently appear someone different to the average generally being much larger and having fang like teeth.being a good deal taller and stronger. Historically the Taylar,who are anomadic, warlike and barbaric tribe, small family form families or family houses or clans, have strike,warriors concept of friendship or love and enjoy inflicting torture upon their victims.Taylarr or Taylarra-became a name,used many to cruel Kalladonean horse warriors. Their social structure is highly communal - they have no concept of private property - and is rigidly hierarchical, consisting of various levels of chiefs, with the highest office occupied by an all powerful Mordak or Mördarr,as it was later called. However, the title of the Mordak is obtained by mortal combat, rather than hereditary means. The ancient Kalladon formed tribes, which war among one another constantly,in the early part of the peoples history before one chief Jhanus Khonn,. They ride aggressive animals, thoats, and armed themselves with swords, lances and later in their long history firearms which use various types of ammunition ,played a major part in a region near the ancient Tauron Empire,who were a horse riding or calvery based warlike society.they had attained a technological level commensurate with early medieval Eurashian on the ancient Atlantean homeworld, utilizing such weaponry as armor, shields, swords, spears and laborers, building and servicing the infrastructure of the colony. The individual Kalladon communities owned land in common. The Kalladon communities were governed by village assemblies, presided over elected village elders called or hetmans. The chieftain of a region,also known as ther Mördarr enjoyed great prestige and exercised the authority of a military chieftain in war and of a civil adminstrator in peacetime. Anybody could join the Kalladon, if the Kalladon considered him a worthy warrior (there are parallels in other warrior cultures for example, the Thuvians are much like their Aesir and Vanir neighbors of the Asguard region,in many ways. They are a ferocious, barbaric tribe marked by tall, muscular builds and a strong barbaric code of honor.The Thuvians sport dark hair ranging from brunette to jet black, and eye colors from pale gray to crystal blue, and some other would accept strangers, even whites, as members of the tribe, if they could prove in quite challenging tests that they were "real men"). Aesir/Vanir: Hailing from the lands of Asgard and Varemheim respectively, the Aesir and Vanir are actually offshoots of a single common race, the Nordheimr, and thus share many of the same racial characteristics. They tend to be a broad and muscular race, the Aesir sporting blonde hair and blue eyes and the Vanir displaying red hair and green eyes. They tend to braid their hair and their great beards, and are known for being berserk and terrifying warriors. The Central and Eastern Kalladon peoples are Eurasian peoples residing in northern, central and western Eurasia, and who speak languages belonging to the Kalladon language family.They share, to varying degrees, certain cultural traits and historical backgrounds.
There is evidence that Kalladon accepted in their communities,as their nomadic empire grew. There is evidence that Kalladon accepted in their communities Tarsars-a corruption of the word Tartarus,used by the Olympians,to name the nomadic Turkic peoples of northeastern Mongolia in the region around Lake Baikal in the beginning of the 5th century of the Ancient Atlantean homeworld.Tántán; literally "Tatar") or Juan-Juan was the name of a confederation of nomadic tribes on the northern borders of the Great Khaythayan Empire,to East,which was known as the Celestrian Empire,by it's own people.Rouritan,was some region,within the Tarsar region,that conquored by the Kalladon and hense became known as a insult to weak or cowardly,big mouthed warrior for centuries to come

The Warsoon: Dwelling in the mountains between Vendhairia region and Hyrkanian Mountains-which was apart of the Himelian Mountain range are a tall, wiry, hairy and superstitious race whose tribal breakdowns include the Verkhâna-tall scarlet haired warriors,the Afghulistan, Irakzarzhann, Ghalzarr, Dahgharzhann, Zharbori, and Khurakzai. They are brown-skinned with black hair or red hair and dark eyes,green eyes and blue eyes and often wear great beards beneath their voluminous robes,mostly made of Hyrkhanian Wolf fur."Hyrkhania" means the "Land of the Wolves",which is why this wolf filled land,was often known as Kyrkhania by the Olmpians.Hyrkhania was situated between the Caspian Sea, which was in ancient times called the Hyrkhanian Ocean, in the north and the Alborz mountains in the south and west. The country had a tropical climate and was very fertile Like the above races, the Himelayans region was filled other barbaric tribeswho disdain civilized codes of behavior and chivalry, but have their own code of honor. The Warsoom tribes and ,to the east, may progress as Fighting-Men, Borderers, Thieves, and Sorcerers ,,who often clashed with Korsackai-who were fierce horsemen of the Rorskai Steepes . Tharks Kalladon and Ghotharks Kalladon tend to remain in the steppes and flatlands and are of a duskier hue and more slender but wiry build, and are known for attacking in hordes of berserk fury, not unlike the ancient Rhossakhai Region to the northwest, though their expertise as mounted cavalry makes them heavily feared. The Hundhuri largely inhabit the mountains in the southwest; their horses tend to be leaner and the hunni themselves heavier and more muscular as compensation for the thin, cold atmosphere in the mountain regions.Košaki

Each of the Kingdoms is absolutely ruled by a High Commander or Supreme Mordharr. Together the Mördharr are known as the Holy JTriumverate. For now the Triumverate jointly decides law and policy for all of Rhossakhai Region, with each having a high degree of autonomy in those affairs within its own border, and a series of free towns and villages acting as a buffer between the three. It is only a matter of time, however, before the kingdoms come into open conflict with one another and a single empire emerges from the ashes (presuming a fate of mutual destruction does not result from the conflict).

Religion in Ancient Kalladon
The Rossikan Kalladon religion is many-layered, and consists more of a collection of folk traditions than rote and ritual. There are a number of "true" gods, all of whom serve under a single, Supreme Deity,The Kayorha or Khoyhorah but more often the folk of Rhossakhai Region seek to placate spirits that inhabit rocks, streams, hearth and home, forests, and those things that they encounter on a daily basis

The Kalladan Hierarchy-an Counter-intelligence agency,with ties to the Kalladan Terrorist Cell Organizations and other related operations..

The Kalladan Hierarchy-an Counter-intelligence agency,with ties to the Kalladan Terrorist Cell Organizations,.besides Terrorism,the Kalladan provide a variety of other operations into Revenge ,assassination and Extortion of various governments,organazations and indidviduals.,if they see fit. The Kalladan operate an anti-spy agency,to locate ,hunt down and assassinate enemy spies.Some operationa include providing false intelligence to those spies to act as a counter intelligence operation..

It was there then. during the Third World War, during the free worlds war with the Kalladon –a evil Super Warriors, opposite to the Omega Warriors- Sgt.Gideon Fate, teamed up the men and women ,he later. Assembles as his team of adventurers.

The name Kalladan or Kaladan. also sometimes spelled Kaladon or Kalladon, comes the Kaladan river, within the Kaladan Valley.The name Kalladon or sometimes spelled Kalladon,became the name of a feirce horse riding warrior tribe,who originated or settle there,in ancient times of the Atlantean homeworld.The Kalladon,wore huge leather armor ,mixed Urshian bear skins and Hyrkhonean Wolf skins,huge leather helmets,with fur covers and long plumbed feathers or stipes of fur.

During ancient times, the Kalladon or Kalladan, in one form or another existed. No one is sure, if these other Kalladon/Kalladan Warriors, appearing within the many Multiple New (Maveric) Multiverse, are descended from these ancient Kalladon or they are genetic and eugenic re-creation of their kind and fanatical ideals, within other future or elsewhere humanoid races.

It is known, that their once was a race of violent and warlike super soldiers, with the Old (Maveric ) Universe, possibly on ancient Atlantis and spread throughout the ancient surrounding deep space interstellar regions, as it did in many other Alternate Reality.

Supreme Lord Jephrack Jared Sarkhon, rules the homeworld of Atlantis during many difficult years, fighting outer space alien invasions and threats from other temporal worlds lines. Genetic Super beings, much the Kalladon Warriors plague the world of Atlantis for many years. Led by Prince Drago Krell.

Trongaroth Hegemony, the Drackhoneans or Drackhonean Empire, the Shaitann Empire, the Alderhann Alliance, the Kalladon Empire, the Kallon Empire, the Tauron Empire ,the Tykhon Empire among others may have existed here in this ancient times, as well other parallel realities, as well.

The large number of CSGs used by the United Star reflects, in part, a division of roles and missions allotted during the KalladonWars, in which the United Worlds Colonial Regions assumed primary responsibility for blue water operations and for safeguarding supply lines between the United Worlds and Colonial Region, while the NATO allies assumed responsibility for brown and green water operations.

The Kalladon Star Empire. By Joseph Gilbert Thompson and Carl Edward Thompson.

The Kalladon Empire is a dark mirror to much of the good intentions of the Terran Federation of Worlds. The Kalladon Empire was the repressive interstellar government dominated by the Kalladon Terrans from their homeworld of Kalladon and the Maveric Universe counterpart of the Terran Federation of Worlds...

The Kalladon Empire ruled by terror, with its Imperial Kalladon Starfleet acting as its iron fist. The uniforms and heraldry of the Empire reflect its very violent nature. Many dress in various types of ancient World Pirate clothing, mixed Asiatic appearance or Middle Eastern dress. Some even dress in a sort of Celtic or Caledonian like appearance. Uniforms are more flamboyant, and always incorporate weapons — daggers and blasters. The Kalladon have kept a high Tradition of Sword Dueling-something loosely derived from ancient Atlantis.-who still carried sword and knives during their travels in deep space-even with the many members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers.

Kalladon are a species of genetically engineered humans. are a group of Homo sapiens that have been modified at the genetic level.They are certain foreign governments of Old Earth to counter the production of the United States genetic engineering and eugentics program called the Alpha Omega Warriors Program.These Omega Warriors as they nicknamed were a super soldier operation to create a new breed of super warriors to fight various foreign and alien threats to the planet.The Kalladon Warrior was the other side or other governments answer to the Omega Special Forces Corps.

In addition to being five times stronger and two times faster than an average human being of their size and gender, Kalladon are immune to most poisons (aconite, ammonia, antipyrine, arsenic, atropine, camphor, hydrocyanic acid, iodine, lead, picrotoxin, and strychnine) and diseases (diphtheria, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, influenza, lyme disease, measles, meningococcal disease, mumps, pertussis, pneumococcal disease, polio, rabies, rubella, tetanus, and varicella). Kalladon pride themselves of being able to survive in harsh, hostile environments where ordinary humans would easily die. However, Kalladon men and women are not indestructible, and most environments that are inhospitable to Homo sapiens sapiens are also inhospitable to members of Homo Sapiens

Kalladon Warriors possessed physical strength and analytical capabilities superior to ordinary humans. Kalladon roughly five times stronger than the average person, their lung efficiency was 50 percent greater than normal, and they had an increased capacity for learning...Many Kalladon can live up to or around a maximum 150 years of age.What Kallodon don’t have–many of them anyway is a moral center.Most are breed to be cunning, savage warriors, only unly interested in winning at all cost.

Kalladon are typically prsented with yellow or bronze skin and facial hair or various colors in the males and long hair in themales and females mostly,suggestive of North Asian peoples, such as the Mongols, and possessed physical abilities similar to ancient warlike Terrans of the Old World.Although,some Kalladon or Kalladan,wear their hair short,depending on the Family House Clan.Kalladon are very regimented and whole Kalladon or Kalladan Houses will follow a specific Imperial House Crest appearance in hair lenth,make up,facial tactoo’s or Kalladon War Paint.Style of space armor,uniform,Imperial House Warriors Sash and so forth,will also be followed strictly by all members of the Clan.To do otherwise,marks one as a rebel or renigade,and often is treated as a outcast or Ronan-a masterless warrior,with little or no honor among the Clan.

Some Kalladon,calling themselves the Alderhann, dress more along the lines of Earth’s Nazi Party, with uniforms of grey and black, resembling a 21st Century or 22nd Century Nazi Soldier. These Alderhann, reject much of the ancient Kaladon Warriors Dress Code and have replaced it with more traditional World War One or World War Two Germanic style of soldiers uniform, with pointed Helmets, gold or silver eagles, iron crosses, plums and other type paraphernalia, to appear more Teutonic, than Kalladon.

Kalladon Empire, is a large interstellar Empire,carved in a vast region of Terran Space,outside the Terran Federation’s Colonial Regions. Kalladon starships are variuos spacecraft that appear all cover the Colonial regions,attacking and plundering space trade route,space stations,planetary rim worlds,lost star ship caravans and so forth.. In the many outer regions, these vessels are used by the forces of the Kalladon Empire. Interstellar vehicles, they are typically warships, ranging in sizes similar to modern naval vessels to much larger. They are equipped with a fictional faster-than-light propulsion system called "warp drive", and armed with equally fictional weapons like photon torpedoes.

the Kalladon Star Pirate Battle Cruiser, are among the most, primary ship used ,but other smaller vessels like the Kalladon Scout Space Cruiser and Kalladon Exploration Class Ship have been know exist, as well larger Kalladon Star Destroyers and larger still Kalladon Super Star Destroyers.

Kalladon Society.

Kalladon believed that strife and conflict would inevitably reshape men into something better and stronger than what they once were. As a superhuman species, Kalladon Society took his words to heart and used genetic engineering, selective breeding and nanotechnology to reshape themselves into the ultimate survivors. The Kalladon have built their culture on the twin pillars of Social Darwinism and Dawkinite Genetic Competitiveness. Their single-minded devotion to self-improvement and the propagation of their own genes can strike other species (even their non-Kalladon human cousins) as selfish and arrogant, yet in practice the Kalladon' boundless energy and willpower made them valued contributors to the certain interstellar civilization.. For all their genetic engineering and its resulting superhuman strength and endurance, the Kalladon are still basically human beings, with human emotions..They often either do great good or great evil depending a combination of family history,life experiences,personal gain and so forth.

Numerous clans form a Kalladon Pride and those form whole Kalladon Houses or House Clan..Kalladon Prides consist of various clans who are somewhat genetically related to each other. They are usually named after powerful mythological and historical figures or creatures from the ancient planet Earth or other simular Earth like planets.

Many Kalladon House Clans will often work within a sigle Kalladon Warriors Campaign or Kalladon Star Ship.Many Kalladon Warriors will become roving interstellar Space Pirates. Gorthan Space Pirates and Kalladon Space Pirates –among other things, become various fractions of the Kalladan Super Soldier cult, of the early, mid and late 20th and 21st Century, who left Earth, after the Great Third World War. They might even visit the dysonsphere of Terra-Prime and settle in various locations upon that world. Some Kalladon or Kalladan, splinter off into other offshoot groups-the Drackhoneans, The Shaitaneans-named after the Imperial Atlantean Family-the Shaitanus-sometimes spelled the Shaitanis, who helped found their society. the Gorthan or Gorthaneans-who interbreed with other similar races-the Terran Normals, the Atlanteans, the Corvaillians, Norvaillians, Corsaillians or Carsaillians and so on, the Drackhoneans or Drackhonean Empire, the Shaitann Empire, the Alderhann Alliance, the Kalladon Empire and the Kallon Empire, are all offshoot civilizations of the original Kalladon or Kalladan Empire-whether in ancient or modern Terran Space Expansion Era. The Tauron Empire, the Tykhon Empire among others may, even have members of the civilization-whole Imperial House Clans, mixed with Kalladon or Kalladan bloodlines.

Carsaillian Pathfinders-an elite class of Corvaillian space
explorers, tramp freighter pilots, mixed with Kalladon super soldier
bloodlines, began to use the Guider Gem Headbands as a means to
telepathically navigate through normal space and later navigate through
hyperspace wormholes and natural space warp breaches in the
interstellar fabric of the known Old and New Old [Maveric] Universe.
Old [Maveric] Universe...

Kalladon Philosophy

Some Kalladon pride themselves on their attractiveness, strength, cunning, and treachery.,while other pride themselves on their honor,intilligence and experience in combat situations.The Kalladon,are generally though untrust worthy,though their those ,who are true warriors of the Kalladon Warriors Spirit,as they call,who can be trusted and honorable in battle.Still some are liars,who win at any game,by manipulating the situation,toward their advantage.There those lower classed Kalladon or Kalladan,who simply big mouthed warriors,who boast about a lot of bravery in combat,but faced with death run and hide ,like the cowards they are called .

The Free Federation of Space,by Joseph Gilbert Thompson and Carl Edward Thompson.

The Free Federation of Space,is not exactly an interstellar alliance of worlds or planet or Star Systems allied together like most interstellar Federations,but a loose knit association of ships ,all allied to a central command ship.The leed star ship,generally a Battle Carrier and it's Battle Carrier Group,united as a way protect the merchant caravan of ships against star piracy.The term Free Federation was created to confuse such star pirates such as the Gorthan Star Pirates or Kalladon Star Pirates at first to believe that these star ships were actual allied to some unknown interstellar government known as the Free Federation of Space.The name stuck,because all member of this Federation of Star Ships were free to come and go as they saw fit.The Free Federation is generally made up of Corvaillian,Corsaillian and Norvaillian Spacer Merchants,Mercenary Ships,Cargo Haulers and Tramp Freighters and even Military Star Ships have joined the caravan for various reasons-escort,military stratagy or other reasons..Sometimes Terran Spacer Merchants,Mercenary Ships,Cargo Haulers and Tramp Freighters and so on,Many Terran Federation Rangers often work and reside among the Free Federation,to serve the interstellar laws and hunt down wanted outlaws

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