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Who is Tina Small?

Who is tina small?

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Who is Tina Small?
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** == Tina Small

Tina Small, a British model of the 1980's claimed to measure 84EE OR GG-22-34. There were two women-one is Africa Melissa Josephs or something claiming about this size and another Ting Jiafen. Both had the medical condition Virginal Hypertrophy to explain such extra large busts. ==
== ==
Tina Small enjoys tennis and fast cars like John Xavier's Jensen Interceptor. She is into the occult, Metaphysics and spiritual world-such Christianity and Buddhism. She seems to prefer a man. Who is considered a dark horse or long shot with the odds against him? She also, I gather prefer artistic American males, of a kind and gentle nature toward females, kids and animals. She has since about 1990 retired from the businesses, due to it seems photographer. She likes to make from household items and shows a bit of creativity that way.
153XXX bust, but no conclusive evidence is shown.
Wendy Whoppers claimed an 88 EE bust.
Born September 10th, 1959, in the small town or village of Iping, Somerset, United Kingdom Southern United Kingdom Birthrates September 10th, 1959 Birth Location: Yorkshire
Birth name: Christina Jane Small
Measurements: 84-22-34 Height: 5 ft 6 in (165cm) Weight: 125 lbs Hair color:
Blond Natural bust: Yes-result of virginal hypertrophy Ethnicity: Caucasian
Stage Name(s): Tina Small Tina Small was the British model, with the 84 inch bust, which posed for nude pictures and made a few semi science fiction, based soft core porn Movies of innocent are quality. According to some Internet sources, her real Name is Christina Jane Small and is genuine-despite retarded rumors Otherwise. Born September 10th, 1959, in the small town or village of Iping, Somerset. Southern United Kingdom, although this name is also Attributed to Tina Small by other Internet sources.
There are similar cases such Juanita, Ting Jiafen, Melody and others, are that a woman, can grow as large as Tina Small.
Tina Small once told a story about, while bathing in a bath tub, got stuck underwater, by enormous bustline. She might have panics, but decided to use her hands and feet to rise herself up out of the water.
Some time after the photo had been taken; Tina Small underwent cosmetic surgery for a breast reconstruction, not reduction as some individuals on line claim and uplift. She claimed her breast, showed stretch marks and was too saggy. She wanted them to be firm and attractive.This, ofcourse, led to ridculas rumors, that was either two women modeling as Tina Small or the first true one, was replaced by a fake. But, before you jump to conclusions, included some photos below of what she looked like after the surgery. Tina Small did have Rhinoplasty-clearly the eyes and jaw march the same pictures of Tina Small, before and after, plus even the pictures of her as a teenager on a swing and pictures of her as a child. Rumors and speculation, of this are as credible as UFO sightings or President Kennedy was shot by Martians.
Otherwise known as a nose job, but in the 1980's.Rumors of breast cancer and living in California, under suicide watch cannot be proven at this date and time.
Tina Small's interests are said to be science fiction, fantasy, mystery fiction, science and technology. Tina Small enjoys tennis and fast cars like John Xavier's Jenson Interceptor. She is into the occult, Metaphysics and spiritual world-such Christianity and Buddhism. She seems to prefer a man. Who is considered a dark horse or long shot with the odds against him?
She also, I gather prefer artistic American males, of a kind and gentle nature toward females, kids and animals. She has since about 1990 retired from the businesses, due to it seems photographer John Xavier's mishandling of her career and perhaps a break up with an alleged man, she was going to marry or so the rumor goes. She retired and claimed to wish become reclusive and study Buddha as last was heard with the pages of British Tabloid Sunday Sport. She was replaced by a host of fake freakishly huge breast imitators-Zena Fulsome, Cindy Fulsom, Vicki Little, Mandy Mountjoy and Maria Biggs. She inspired the likes of mega busted women such as Chelsea Charms, Maxi Mounds and so on. Chelsea Charms claims to have a 156 xxx bust,but others close to her,will tell it's not as big as reported and no way is larger than Tina Small's own bustline.
Tina Small, once had her own fan club-TALNT-which should for Tina Appreciation League of North Texas-which I'm told she sponsored. Other online clubs and sites were Tina Smalll-84 inch freak. Rumors aboard about her. Some have claimed to met her in the flesh like this John Xavier. People that worked her soft movies claimed she was no pre Madonna and was the nicest person. Artist Granville Evans drew a comic strip Babs, based on her likeness. Some believe she was a hoax, but her medical condition and auto biography Big Girls Don't Cry could prove she was genuine.
Tina Small's autobiography.
First Edition 1986
For Mum
Wherever she may be
This is a true story. Some of the locations and names have been changed in order to protect the guilty.
I never ever imagined that I'd be asked to write an autobiography, and I confess that the idea makes me feel a little weak in the knees. The idea isn't a new one because my friend and photographer John Xavier has been asking me to write my life story for about the past two years. Every time we meet, whether it's for a modeling session or a friendly chat over a cup of Earl Grey, he can't resist bringing up the subject. I remember the first occasion quite clearly. We'd been out in the woods at a chosen secluded spot where the two of us had worked hard all afternoon in not especially good light conditions to get the shots that John had in mind. I was sitting down amongst some ferns trying to pull on my T-shirt and he looked down at me with a sort of halfamused, half-serious expression on his face and said: "Tina, you're unique. You know there probably isn't another woman on the planet with a body as extraordinary as yours. You've got a story to tell. With my camera I can show you to the world, but only you can tell us all what it's been like to be you."
And so this story is dedicated to you all, my friends. To the curious, the astonished, the lustful, but above all, the loving. Read on and hear the story of Christina Jane Small.''
''Dear Sir:
responses are mixed. One guy wanted to know if he had a place to submit morph
work. One claimed to know where to get rare pictures,
but nothing yet on that. Most just want to see the results.
What I am looking for is rare pictures of her, the ass one mainly shown
here and the attachment. The car pictures and so on. I here there is a CD,
that has much on it, but I seem to be having trouble getting that.
I would also like to see articles on her-British mags, film mags,
Sunday Sport and so on. I want to go beyond the Fling stuff I have,
her book and those two picture books. To fully understand her I need
about everything that isn't bald face lies or rumor, from strippers,
John Fox or confusion with the fakes-Zena,Vickie,Melonie,Cindy and that
other one. I would like to Vast material-just for curiosity sake. T
hey are mostly fakes, but who knows one may not. Also I need stuff on
this Lanthier woman and those others listed on that Cappy site.
Someone once had a bushel basket woman ad in JUGGS or someplace maybe one of
he virginal hypertrophy women,illegedly like Tina.
She was a pornstar.
=== Zena: fantasy foam dancer

Zena Fulsom is one of the most popular adult video star dancers in history. The Liverpool native was a foam fantasy female clone of an earlier Fling magazine star, Great Britain native Tina Small-a british women with an 84 inch bust,who modelled for men's magazine.,who refused to hard adult films, and followed by similar Hustler models Mandy Mountjoy and Cindy Fulsom. John Xavier,who Tina Small's photographer,once was claimed to have said,they couldn't get the real Tina Small,to do adult films ,so they created their own.See their bios at ===
Zena Fulsom is a busty hardcore model and professional stripper from London, England. She is famous for her gigantic breasts which seem a natural phenomenon and whose size exceeds most (if not all) achievements of the prosthetics of her career years.
John Xavier,as the story goes,once commented,that ''since they could not get the original Tina Small,they simply created one.''
Zena Fulsom is one of the most popular adult video star dancers in history,but for some unknown resean,the model switch to the indenity of her little sister Cindy or was replaced another model,who wear the fake breast,on film.. She claimed or it was claimed,she had a little sister Cindy.This is obviously inspired by the fact,Tina Small,in her autobiography ''Big Girls Don't Cry.Legend Publishing,1980,stated she had a twine sister known as Debbie,who pasted away,when she was very young.

you may have trouble seeing it, but is addressed to me.the sign is in ink,so someone
signed it-that was either the real Tina Small or the woman who pretended to be her? Which ever is true.
the background is my own art,so I can id this is someone tries to reproduce it for sale or other uses?
Audio tapes of her anything. Birth certificated.Pictures of her young.whatever.As Fox Mulder ass-
I want to believe-the truth is out there-someplace. Maybe in the end, I'll either shatter a myth or find
the real Tina Small. Someone found Bettie Page didn't they? Issues of her Tina Appreciation League of North Texas
is also welcome. I know I ask alot,but if I no not put the word out, no one says warp factor two,Mr.
Sulu-first star to the left-strait on until morning. And the Klingons win again.''

Maveric Comics Inc,studios [Sarkhon/Toreus PROPERTIES,INC,]
6142 Torresdale Avenue,Philadelphia,Pa,19135-3718.USA.[
''Hello, I have seen tina small in the flesh! she used to work in a small book shop in a town called Petersfield in England. in the late 70's I remember thinking she was pregnant at the time!!''
''Those of you who think that she is a fake are wrong. I used to live round the block from her house in Portsmouth. The first time that I saw her I thought that she was pregnant then noticed that there were bumps on either side. They were bloody huge! She studied at what was Portsmouth Polytechnic.''quoted one fan online.
Tina Small, once related another story,that because of the extreme size of her bust,she found it difficult to wear two piece bathing suites in public or in private,and if she wore swimwear,she would have wear a single,one piece bathing suite,so her bostum would fall out.
Is Titanic Tina Tina Small Aka Tina Small -ultra top heavy model-1980's Blond ..."Is Titanic Tina Aka Tina Small -ultra top heavy model-1980's Blond With 83 Inch Bosom real ?"
No,one knows,but there have been sightings in Great Britain,but people that met her in the flesh around the area she grew up in.Book Store sightings ,air ports or lived near there home,around the time her career and years after she retired.One individual,remembers seeing visit a plastic surgeon,around 1980-when strangely enough,recieved not a bust reduction,but an bust uplift and a nose-her book and pictures confirm this operation,plus medical records,was prformed about this time. Tina Small ranks the sexy ultra top heavy most sexy 23270 most popular
out of the 88014 celebrities .Popularity = 4.601 (where 7=super popular, 1=not popular)

Sexiness = 20.4261% (the percentage of web pages that think Tina Small is sexy).Most men into very big breast still find attractive.She spawned comic strips Babs/Dolly D Cups,printed in various magazines in the 1980's -a comic somewhat based her extra ordinary likeness and measurements and later material Queen Gazongah,in the 1990's-a comic strip about a native girl with freatish huge breast-similat to Titantic Tina Small. Internet comic strip Meggah Glanz,was directly inspired Tina Small about a woman with a 171 to 184 inch bust,as stated by the series creators.

She is most imitated with the adult film industry,with models like Chelsea Charms Chelsea's bust size is listed as 153XXX; fairly typical of the hugely overstated stats used by big-busted feature dancers. Her breasts weigh 31 pounds (14 kilograms) each. Because of the nature of her string implants, Chelsea's breasts are continually expanding (by about 25 millimeters a month). Regular visits to her surgeon in Houston to have excess fluid drained are necessary.153xxxand Maxi Mounds 42M bra (UK 42J).Maxi Mounds holds the Guinness World Record for the "World's Largest Augmented Breasts". ,claiming ridiculously huge bust measurements.Candy Samples her measurements reported as 48EE-24-36,was once asked by a fan,in her columb in Juggs magazine around 1980,did she the biggest bust on earth ? and replied no,that British has beat many of us out in that catigory.Despite some people,Tina Small,not really a nude model of the 1970's,whom mistaken remembered,but one of the 1980's.Her career stretched about 1979 to 1990-1991.Mistaken sighting are not of the 1970's,but the 1980's and 1990's.
There was for a time plenty of imatators-Zena Fulsom,Cindy Fulsom,he Farang Ding Dong GIRLS,The Mastika Girls,but none-apsolutely none compare to her in personality and brilliance.
''EXCLUSIVE-84'' WHOPPER-SHE'S A NUN From: "mavericstud " Date: Wed Feb 12, 2003 8:48 am Subject: EXCLUSIVE-84'' WHOPPER-SHE'S A NUN ADVERTISEMENT Feb 12 EXCLUSIVE-84'' WHOPPER-SHE'S A NUN - mavericstud COPIED FROM THE SUNDAY SPORT-printed sometime in 1989-OR AROUND OR BEFORE 1990 From: "mavericstud " Date: Wed Feb 12, 2003 8:28 am Subject:

EXCLUSIVE-84'' WHOPPER-SHE'S A NUN ADVERTISEMENT COPIED FROM THE SUNDAY SPORT-printed sometime in 1989-OR AROUND OR BEFORE 1990. TINA SMALL-the girl with the 84 inch whoppers--has given up sex-- for ever. And the girl who grew so fast her mum had to buyher a bigger bra each week has become a part time a NUN.

She has secretly joined a strict Bubdhist religous order and regularly goes on retreats at a centre in Surrey. While she is there,Tina lives the strict life of a nun,,,dresses in figure consealing clothes...and meditates along for hours in her cell. It's a complete contrast to her a the worlds most amazinbg topless model. Her 84 inch bust--the biggest in the world--has appeared in a reveal-all video,in hundreds of thousands mens magazines, posters,and her own autobiolography. But now the worlds biggest cover up job.Her amazing boobs are hidden by an all enveloping dark grey nun habit.tied loosely at her waist by a piece of rope. ''I realized I'm never going to enjoy a normal relationship with a man''said Tina -age 27. ''So I decided to staycelibate.The rewards of getting closer to heavon..and as the same heavon to us all.whether Buddhist or Catholic or Protistant or Muslim...are far nicer than the pleasures of the flesh,''says Tina Small. Tina comes from a tiny hamlet in the West Courty,whrere she lives in a whitewashed cottage,with a thatched roof. New pictures of Tina.PAGE 3. Sex Now Taboo For Buddhist nun Tina.

FROM FRONT PAGE.BY CHARLES REWREW. She's followed the example of Tom and Barbara in the TV series THE GOOD LIFE and decided to be self sufficiant. She grows her own fruite and vegtables--but unlike the imiginary Suburban good life.there is no backyard pig waiting to be the beacon for breakfast.''I am a strict vegitarian''said Tina.''My religion''means.I mustn't kill anything--over a fly or anthing.''
Tina Small,was a phenomenon of the 1980's and left the business's way too soon. She fondly remembered as one of the great ones of big bust magazines by her fans and some performers in the industry.
= Can you see a picture of Tina Small? =
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Yes But you need a telescope .

Who has the biggest breasts in the world?
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Here are some opinions from contributors:

Maxi Mounds holds the Guinness World Record for the "World's Largest Augmented Breasts". She approached Guinness in August of 2003, but the category did not yet exist. After creating the category the Guinness organization contacted her to request her measurements and other documentation. She was presented with an official certificate that reads: Maxi Mounds (USA) was measured at Sarasota, Florida, on 4 February 2005 and found to have an under breast measurement of 91.44 cm (36 in) and an around chest-over-nipple measurement of 153.67 cm (60.5 in). She currently wears a US size 42M bra (UK 42J) In 2004 her book, The Maxi Mounds Guide To The World Of Exotic Dancing (, was published by Perpetual Summer Publishing.
Lolo Ferrari (born Eve Valois) appeared in the French Guinness Book of World Records in 1996 and again in the American Guinness Book of World Records in 2003. Her brassiere measurements have been given by various sources as 58F, 54G, and 54J.
What about Norma Stitz. She has been given by Guinness to have the largest. They are a natural 72ZZZ breasts.
Sabrina Sabrok (born March 4, 1977 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is an Argentine model, television actress and working in Mexico. Sabrok is considered to be a sex icon in Latin America. Sabrok is mostly known for her large breasts and her beauty. Sabrina has recently gained attention with her plans to have the world's largest breasts through plastic surgery; she hopes to achieve a bra size of 42XXX. In February 2006, Sabrina received a new breast augmentation and now has implants that weigh 3.5 kilograms each. In June 2006, Sabrina announced that she ordered new implants of 5 kilograms each on "Venga la Alegria", magazine television show, TvAzteca. Sabrina plans to break the world record for the largest breasts in the world.
Tina Small, a British model of the 1980's claimed to measure 84EE OR GG-22-34. There were two women, one is Africa's Malissa Josephs claiming about this size and another Ting Jiafen. Both had the medical condition Virginal Hypergrophy to explain such extra large busts.
Chelsea Charms claims to have a 153XXX bust, but no conclusive evidence is shown.
Wendy Whoppers claimed an 88 EE bust.
A lady called Olivia Dear in Wales UK was rumoured to have the biggest in the UK

Tina Small,whoever she was or is,was an amazing beyond simply because her proportions of the size her bust.She smart,very sensitive,kind and extremely beautiful.
EVERY INCH A LADY -forward by Tina Small.
[A Pictorial Celebration of the Most Unique Personality Even Published.
Tina Small by John Xavier.
Forward by Tina Small
I have to confess that initially the thought of posing for photograph intrigued me. Although I am intrinsically a shy person, I do have an extrovert side to my nature. Photographic modelling means I can express that side on a one to one basis safely, without having to personally expose myself to the multitudes. My privacy and solitude are invaluable to me.
Having seen the photographer's work in photographic magazines I appreciate his particular style of Romantic imagery, which appears, to my own nature. The subject is not simply recorded as a documentary article of titillation. There is gentleness and tranquility in the photographs and in no sense is the subject degraded.
Although to many I am a freak, I prefer to think of myself as unique. To those who see me only as an object of derision, I am pleased to offer my images and bank the proceeds. To those who are aware of, and understand their compulsions, but can place them within a larger context and see beyond them, I am even more pleased to offer a different view of myself and be seen as more than the sum of my physical attributes.
It's true that I have a lot to show. I also have a lot to give. My life, with all its adversity, has been a proving ground, a classroom in which the lessons I learnt have given me a profound insight into the nature og my existence, and subsequently, have given me a fuller, richer and more rewarding life. I know what I am, and this knowledge is most important thing of all to me.
My life has been an uphill journey, but the veiw from the top is awesome. Every trial encounted on the way has been worth it. Learning and personal development are rarely achieved out of a life of ease and comfort. The best cost-sometimes dearly.
I know that to many who read these words what I have just said will contain no meaning and no interest. But I also know that to a very few, a chord of subtle recognition will be struck. To the many I ask in dulgence. To the few I offer hope. All those really big questions you always yearned to know the answers to can be answered. Not by belief, but by personal experience. Don't give up your quest for answers and for self-development.
In my illustrated autobiography ''Big Girls Don't Cry's describe my own journey of discovery. And if you think that's a plug for my're absolutely right!
Throughout my life I have been the subject, not only of hostility and callousness, but also of curiosity and fastination. This places me in an interesting position, which I can exploit whenever I can.People listen to me.
I feel intuitively that I am this peculiar shape for a special reason. People want to know about me, not just how I cope with my abnormality, but how I feel about it. They want to know the intimate ins and outs of my life, my interest,my favorite things and favorite places
My interest includes gardening and the love of natures and animals. When I work in my garden I am acknowledging, and being a part of, my earthly life. I am getting my hands dirty, and loving it. I am helping life to express itself.
I particularly enjoy science -fiction. What I like about it is its break from the mundane, its leaps into new realms of thinking. its suggestions of new and exiting possiblities.
I enjoy study too.I like to learn about what is new and how they can be used.Metaphysics and the occult interest me,but I am constantly amazed at how much trash there is available within this market and how often self-stylled position od spiritual authority are abused.
One of my favorite places is home.Here I can enjoy the security of the familiar and be more at ease to retreat into that other favorite-my own mind.This is a wonderous place indeed,for here anything can .When you think about it,that's where we live all the time anyway.The acceptance of that fact can open the door to many interesting inners journeys and discoveries.
Since the first printing this book I have had some minor cosmetic surgery .Some of it was nessary and some it simply vanity.The nessessay was tissue removal from my bust and 'uplifting'.The vanity was a bit of work on my nose,which I assure anyone contemplating the operation sin't nessessarily worth the effort.I had black eyes for about six months and discolouring for about two years.We live and learn.
Exercise is essential for me. Not only is it important that my back is strong but I also find that when I feel healthy I happy and positive. I practice hatha yoga. It keeps me strong,flexible ,balanced and relaxed .And recently I have begun to study tai-chi,which is a form of self-defence.
This sin't an art I even want to have to use and I don't temp its use by flaunting my bust in public.The way I dress when I'm out doesen't,to the casual observer.reveal my shape.This is mostly to avoid the inevitable sneers and rather obvious remarks made by the immature and the obnoxious.
Over the years I've received thousans upon thousands of letters from all over the world and I have to say that,generally these are well-wishers and I feel that.although I haven't met them in the flesh,so to speak,I have many,many friends,and that's is one of the finest things anyone can have.
In closing let me say that whether you are crass or cultured I hope you will enjoy this book.Never feel guilty about indulging in your fantasies,they are what takes life out of the doldrums and gives it spice.If all you want to is rape me with your eyes,then be my guest-it sin't a bad thing to release pent-up energies in a harmless fashion.
For all those who enjoy me in their own particular way-happy reading.
Christina Jane Small.[Tina Small.] ''
Every Inch A Lady.Amazon Publications.1981.UNITED KINGDOM.
Susie Sparks
Over 200 photos and video clips of Susie's huge breasts and large areolas,appeared sometime after Tina Small,made breif appearence in Juggs.
Beautiful ladies with big, enormous, vast, gigantic, massive, mammoth, colossal, titanic, huge, giant, unreal, monster boobs and udders both in and out of soft furry, fuzzy mohair and angora sweaters,are such internet groups inspired by the incomparable Tina Small. Mastasia
Drawn or poser women with breasts that hang down to the floor and bigger can be found on the internet, but more likely, these are some sort special effects and not women, who suffer from a similar condition, as women, such as Tina Small.

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british gal84 said...

How tall is Tina Small ?
A: From studies some believe that she would seem to be at least 9 feet tall-Laying down on her back. She is a biblical figure and it's difficult to prove.
Q: What bra size does Tina Small wear?

british gal84 said...

Tina Small was the British model with the 84 inch bust. She was a phenomenon of the 1980's and left the business,way too soon. She is fondly remembered as one of the great ones of big bust magazines by her fans and some performers in the industry.