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Monark Starstalker

Monark Starstalker
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Monark StarstalkerAn obscure Space hero,featured in three,last issues of Weird Worlds.

Monark Starstalker,is a fiction character,that pretty is obscure,by many comic fans,featured in First Appearance: Marvel Premiere#32 (October 1976),for Marvel Comics.Created by Howard Chaykin.It was yet another attempt,to create a space opera hero,like Ironwolf,that he did years before ay DC Comics.

[edit] History

Working as a "rigger",as told in the issues flashback, with his nervous system wired into the ship he was piloting, Monark was attacked by hostiles. Running from them, he was forced to traverse the core of a nova, the star's energies buffeting the ship and frying his nervous system, senses, and memory. Rescued by a passing ship, the doctors gave him up for dead, but the "technos" developed an android falcon, named Ulysses, which, telepathically linked to him, acted as an artificial nervous system. Becoming a "vigilante" (seemingly a bounty hunter), he pursued wanted men across the galaxy.
[edit] Story

His first known activity came on the planet Stormking, a perpetual icy world. There, he intended to hunt down and capture Kurt Hammer. After befriending local sheriff Bob Hightower and visiting Triplanet Metals Inc. vice president Emanuel Shaw, he met Robin Goodfriend. While visiting with her at her home, Shaw and Hightower were killed by Hammer, who escaped with his girlfriend, Brigid Siebold in front of the town of New Canaan's populace. When the populace informed Starstalker of where Hammer had gone, Starstalker tracked the man down, utilizing Ulysses to enable him to hit a seemingly-hidden Hammer. Firing at Ulysses, Hammer inadvertently triggered and avalanche, burying Starstalker. Thinking him dead, Hammer then began trying to kill Ulysses, not noticing Starstalker digging himself out until it was too late. While Starstalker intended to keep Hammer alive to carry his girlfriend back to town, Hammer died on the long trek back to town. Informing the citizens of this, Starstalker asked them to make sure his claim for the kill was registered and tell Goofriend he was leaving. Starstalker then made his way out of town, not wanting to deal with the townspeople (who had cheered the death of Shaw, yet were shocked when Hightower was killed) any more.

* Paraphernalia

* Equipment

Utilizes an android falcon, Ulysses, which acts as an external nervous system and extra sensory organs, allowing him to see, hear, and detect thermal readings through Ulysses. Weapons

* Utilizes handguns

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