Monday, September 2, 2013

Carson Thuron

Carson Thuron-while,working my Toreus the Slayer comic as a teenager,being it was just me writting and drawing whatever I wanted,I desided as you might guess to create another comic strip idea.This might have around 1974 or 1975-not sure which.Ok it must have around May 1975.Kull and the Barbarians No.1 just came out

Kull and the Barbarians May No. 1 Paperback – May 1, 1975Hail the Barbarians!": A text piece by Roy Thomas with art by Neal Adams.

"A King Comes Riding!": A King Kull story

"The Shadow Kingdom": A King Kull story

"The Valley of the Worm!": A Niord adventure

"King Kull": A text piece by Fred Blosser with art by Roy G. Krenkel.Anyway,I much of it was reprinted material,but none of it anything I read,so unlike others,I wasn't complaining.Plus it had a Conan painting by Michael Whalen,he at Roy Thomas request  placed a scar and made it into Kull.Ok,now you wonder,what the heck does this have to with me coming up another comic and a guy named Carson Thuron.Simply,inside the comic was a great two page drawing by Neal Adams.It showed brilliantly Brule,King Kull and Red Sonja.  Kull's tiger totem rages in the background, while Sonja looks rather shyly toward the viewer.  It was an interesting choice to depict Sonja this way rather than baring her sword and looking feisty.The Roman era Bran Mak Morn and the puritanical Solomon Kane.  Adams and his Crusty Bunkers crew also inked a couple of Kane stories.  By now you can tell these two images are connected together, with the fallen tree connecting all these characters together,but separated by borders in their era.Neat..
Neal Adams did a great job here.  Every time I look at these Robert E Howard characters, I also think that Roy Thomas is the man responsible for their popularity.I liked the way each character was drawn.Especially Brule,Kull,Bran and Kane.Quickly,getting inspiration,I cobbled up a character using the best aspects of each,I felt looked good.I took the white hair from Solomon Kane,the spear and loin from Brule the Spear Slayer,bit of Kulls armor and didn't much from Red Sonja.After,my hero was going to be a male and was female.Not much point in going that way.I also,by them read much of Mike Kaluta's Carson of Venus comic printed as a backup comic in the pages of Korak.I used the name Carson as my characters first name and Thuron,from the Thurian Continent of King Kull's era.Thuron,also sound like the Turans of Conan's time.
 Wanting to not just created another Toreus the Slayer,but use element from other things,I barrowed from him,I went back Genisis II.Not the Bible.No,the 1973 Gene Roddenberry tv movie,that was a pilot for unpicked tv series.There Dylan Hunt was a guy from our time,frozen and awakenned in the future,much the same as Buck Rogers was decades before.Thinking wow,heres my catch.A guy from world frozen and awakenned in Toreus the Slayers world.He goes native.Starts dressing like Ka-Zar and carries a spear.Neat.
Problem is,beyond one drawing,I never got around to actually drawing the comic strip.Nothing was done.And later,by the time Toreus the Slayer Mark II was being written and drawn,Carson Thuron became Carter Tauron-an astronaute who in suspended animation,much like astronaute George Taylor in the Planet of the Apes movie,has his star ship fall into a black hole.Carter Tauron and crew-an East Indian Guy and a Russian chick named Natasha Romanov or something first themselves upon an alien world.This was going to a mixture of Planet of the Apes ,Carson of Venus and John Carter.That two,got as far one issue and abandonned by me.

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